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Sherborne Ventures LLC (“Sherborne”) is a Houston and New York-based private investment company targeting lower middle market opportunities in the energy, industrial, technology, and real estate industries We focus on sub-segments distinguished by fragmented, competitive environments with strong secular growth potential Sherborne also offers strategic guidance and expertise to facilitate / structure co-investment opportunities for growing companies seeking access to private capital

Who We Serve

We excel in delivering strategic capital and guidance to businesses during critical stages of growth. Drawing on our proficiency in finance, operations, and market dynamics, we assist companies in optimizing their operations, extending market reach, and unlocking their full potential. Our collaborative methodology empowers entrepreneurs, enabling them to actualize their vision and propel the accelerated growth of their businesses.
We Invest
We empower businesses by furnishing them with the financial resources essential for fueling their growth and facilitating expansion initiatives.
We Advise
We provide our partners with insightful guidance and expertise, empowering them to make informed decisions and skillfully navigate through challenges.
We Connect
We harness the strength of our network to facilitate meaningful connections between our portfolio companies and prospective partners,


At our core, we champion the force of innovation and entrepreneurship. Collaboratively, we pool together a diverse spectrum of skills, combining expertise in finance, strategy, and industry-specific knowledge. This collective synergy forms the foundation of our commitment to driving transformative initiatives and fostering a culture of continuous growth.
C.J. Haynes

C.J. Haynes-Dale is the President of Sherborne Ventures, which he founded in 2022.

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Mr. Haynes

Mr. Haynes-Dale is an established finance executive with 10+ years multi-industry experience within investment banking and alternative investments. He was previously a Vice President for Morgan Stanley’s Energy Group and Investment Analyst for J.P. Morgan Asset Management.

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Mr. Haynes

Mr. Haynes-Dale received his BBA in Finance from The University of Texas, Austin (McCombs) and his MBA from Rice University (Jones).

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